Adult Meditation

Primordial Sound Meditation:
Awaken Your Inner Balance and Tranquility

Discover the magic of Primordial Sounds-foundational, elemental sounds of the universe designed to disconnect you from life’s hectic pace and guide you toward inner serenity. Each practitioner is bestowed with a unique Primordial Sound mantra, a sacred sound that aligns with the vibration of the universe at the time of their birth. The energy of this personalized mantra unlocks a profound sense of balance, tranquility, and compassion within yourself.

Let me expertly guide you in seamlessly incorporating Primordial Sound Meditation into your daily life. As this practice becomes a natural part of your routine, its transformative benefits will unfold. Delve into the timeless wisdom of Primordial Sound Meditation and set off on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and profound personal growth.

 Join me on this transformative path to reconnect with your true essence.

Course Overview 

Session 1: Introduction to Meditation
Session 2: Personal Mantra Instruction
Session 3: Perfecting the Practice
Session 4: Higher States of Consciousness

In this transformative meditation course, we will explore the profound depths of meditation, guiding you toward higher states of consciousness and inner awakening. Each class represents a unique step in your meditation journey, building upon the previous session to create a seamless progression of knowledge and practice.

Session 1: Introduction to Meditation Embark on your meditation journey with a comprehensive introduction to the art and science of meditation. Learn the fundamental principles and techniques to cultivate a strong foundation for your practice.

Session 2: Personal Mantra Instruction Discover the power of your own personalized mantra—a sacred sound that resonates with your unique essence. Experience the profound connection between your mantra and the vibration of the universe at the moment of your birth.

Session 3: Perfecting the Practice Dive deeper into the intricacies of meditation as you perfect your practice. Gain valuable insights and techniques to enhance your ability to immerse yourself in stillness and connect with your inner self.

Session 4: Higher States of Consciousness As you approach the culmination of your journey, explore the possibilities of higher states of consciousness. Experience the profound benefits of sustained meditation and tap into the realms of expanded awareness and profound tranquility.

Each session is carefully designed to lead you through a systematic and enlightening path of self-discovery and growth. Join us on this remarkable journey to unlock the full potential of meditation and experience the blissful realm of higher states of consciousness.

PSM Meditation Session Details

In the first session of the Meditation program, I will introduce you to the origins, purpose, benefits, mechanics of Primordial Sound Meditation, and the science behind the technique. You will get ready to receive your personal mantra with an overview of Meditation’s benefits, an introduction to the Gap, and information on the layers of life. Session 1 is your opportunity for you to get comfortable with the session structure and start asking questions

Topics Covered in Session 1​

  1. Teacher introduction and program overview
  2.  Meditation as the antidote to stress
  3. The basics of Meditation, thoughts, and the Gap
  4. The software of the soul
  5. The layers of life
  6. The origins of Primordial Sound Meditation
  7. Mantras as a meditation tool
  8. Class recap and what happens next

In session 2, you will participate in the Personal Mantra Instruction ceremony, in which you will receive your personal Primordial Sound Meditation mantra. Session 2 is intended to be a one-on-one ceremony in which you will learn how to use your mantra.

Topics Covered in Session 12

  1. Get prepared
  2. Greetings
  3. Perform the ceremony
    • Chant the Shanti mantra
    • Learn your mantra
    • Meditate together
    • Receive the mantra card
    • Practice meditating alone
  4. Answer questions
  5. Assign a home practice

In session 3, you will reflect on their Primordial Sound Meditation experience. Here you will receive tips for incorporating the Practice into your everyday life. I will address such topics as preparing for Meditation, deciding when and where to meditate, and creating a daily meditation routine that helps you develop a lasting and effective meditation practice.

Topics Covered in Session 3

  1. Introduction to the class
  2. Structure of the Primordial Sound Meditation mantras
  3. Preparing for Meditation
  4. Where and when to meditate
  5. How to meditate
  6. Thoughts and experiences in Meditation
  7. The breath, mantra, and rhythmic sounds in Meditation
  8. Timing and completing your meditations
  9. Disturbances during Meditation
  10. Expectations during Meditation
  11. The mechanics of stress release
  12. The value of Meditation and keeping the mantra private
  13. Class Summary
  14. Group meditation
  15. What happens next

In the final session, you will receive the knowledge to understand your past experiences better – while also preparing for the new and inspiring ones that will unfold with regular meditation practice. Session 4 is intended to be scheduled 1-7 days after Session 3 so that you can build some meditation experience on your own between sessions. You will be taught about the 7 States of Consciousness and feel prepared to ask more detailed, informed questions during our final session. In sum, you will receive help and an understanding of how Meditation aids in bringing your awareness to the higher states.

Topics Covered in Session 4

  1. Introduction to the class 
  2. The waking, sleeping, and deep sleep states 
  3. The four higher states of consciousness 
  4. Program Summary
  5. Q&A