Children and Teen Coaching

Discover Well-being Coaching for Kids and Teens

Welcome to a place dedicated to the flourishing well-being of young minds—The Conscientious Appeal. This unique Well-being Coaching program is tailor-made to help children and teens navigate life’s challenges, build resilience, and develop crucial life skills.

Why Choose Well-being Coaching?

Growing up in today’s world presents its own set of hurdles, from school pressures to social dynamics. This coaching option is designed to equip kids and teens with essential tools to confidently overcome these obstacles.

What I Offer

Years of K-12 experience and coaching that specialize in:

  • Emotional Strength: Teaching effective ways to manage emotions and stress.
  • Confidence: Empowering children and teens to embrace their strengths and boost self-esteem.
  • Communication: Enhancing vital skills for healthy interactions.
  • Mindfulness: Introducing techniques to reduce anxiety and stay present.
  • Goal Achievement: Guiding them in setting and reaching their aspirations.
  • Positive Self-Image: Fostering a healthy relationship with their bodies.


  • Expert K-12 Educator and Coach: Track record of success with young individuals.
  • Personalized Approach: Tailoring coaching to each child’s unique needs.
  • Safe Space: A supportive environment for open expression.
  • Proven Impact: Methods that have empowered countless kids and teens.

Children and Teens Coaching Session Details

In our very first session, with your parent or guardian’s consent, I will dive into your world. Those thought-provoking questions on the Intake Form? They’re like brushstrokes on a canvas, painting a vivid portrait of your current life situation. But it’s not just about the facts; it’s about uncovering the deeper motivations that led you here. Together, we will start building a bridge of understanding, with your insights as the compass guiding us through your unique journey. This session isn’t just an introduction; it’s the foundation of a collaborative partnership aimed at empowering you to live your best life.

Discover your archetype and legacy, leading to a purpose statement that becomes your guiding star. Purpose isn’t just about knowing who you are; it’s about embracing the expansive “I.”

Taking the structured purpose experience, we delve deeper into the questions that matter: “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”

Clarify your well-being vision and commit to achieving it through consistent actions. Intention empowers you to shape your outcomes.

Building on the previous session, we blend key concepts into an organic conversation. It’s about what you want and what you’re grateful for.

Our reality stems from perspective. Identify and shift limiting beliefs to see life through an expanded, optimistic lens. Meaning sustains positive change.

We take meaningful insights further, blending them into nuanced conversations. How might your beliefs limit your potential?

Confront the aspects of yourself you’ve kept hidden. Clear subconscious judgments and internal blocks. Shadow work paves the way for growth.

Building on the last session, we dive deeper into self-acceptance. How can you fully embrace all aspects of yourself?

As we reach the end, it’s time to reflect on your progress, celebrate your growth, and envision the path ahead. Armed with insights and tools, you’re stepping into a new beginning, shaping a story of well-being and fulfillment.

Let’s nurture happiness, confidence, and emotional well-being together.